Praise for “Parts Work”

“This book brings IFS to life in an exceptionally clear and captivating way. Between the evocative and fun illustrations, the living room metaphor, and the integration with Buddhism, it presents a wonderfully creative vision of the way our parts dance with each other and with us in our minds. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about the IFS model or about their inner lives.”
Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, author and developer of Internal Family Systems Therapy.

 “What is wonderful about your book is the clarity.  I often give out books to clients and this one has been a real hit.”   Sarah Parad Rowen, LCSW, White Plains, NY

“I am loving your book, and have already sold the ones I bought, except for my copy!  It is a tremendous help to me personally, as well as to my clients who are also using it.  Thanks Tom, Lauri, and Sharon.  I am certain this book will be a great help to many.”
Karen Reed, Manchester, CT

"’Parts Work’ is popular and stimulating for my clients.  The illustrations are engaging and illuminating.  I use the book in IFS sessions to clarify key points.  Parts Work is an invaluable therapeutic tool."  Mark Weiss, Ph.D., LMFT, Memphis TN.

“I am the clinical director at my agency and I have recommended that a number of my supervisees read the book.  A colleague and I did a 12 week structured therapy group for traumatized parents who were struggling with traumatized children/teenagers. We gave the book to each parent to read. All of them loved the book.  The group was so successful that the parents asked for a "part two" group totally oriented to IFS principles…….  I really liked the way you talked about spirituality and the meditations you offered.  The illustrations are tremendous...I'm waiting for Parts Work #2!!!”
Lois A. Pessolano Ehrmann, PhD, LPC, State College, PA


“I just received your book in the mail yesterday and I want you to know what a treasure it is!  Thank you so much for your hard work in publishing this gem.  I think that it is a ‘must read’ for clients.  It so complements Schwartz’s ‘Introduction to the IFS Model.’”

“I'm in two EMDR peer supervision groups and the book has been getting, rightfully, rave reviews. For me it is a wonderful clarification of IFS and a workable model for my clients.”Ted Schmitt, LCSW, Rye, NY

"It's a great book that brings Internal Family Sys­tems to life for my clients. I recommend your book to nearly everyone that I do 'parts work' with.  I keep a stack right next to me in the office.”  Bruce Hersey, LCSW, Altoona, PA.

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