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Healing the Healer Workshop - Integrating IFS and Spirituality

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This workshop will focus on the integration of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and spirituality.  IFS can be experienced as a “path of the heart,” as what IFS calls Self is very similar to the concept of the heart in many spiritual traditions. 


In this workshop, we will experience how spirituality can support the inner work of IFS and how IFS can support our spiritual journey – in whatever form that may take.  Through mindfulness practice, meditative movement, singing, and guided imagery, we will support opening to Self – or heart – space.  These practices will then support inner IFS work with the parts of ourselves, from a place of peace and compassion. 


The IFS work will be augmented with art, small group sharing, and guided imagery. The IFS process is an important tool in "Healing the Healer" because it helps us see, understand, and untangle our reactions to difficult situations in our lives (or in our work) which lead to constriction and loss of energy.

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