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Parts Work Videos

Using the "InnerActive" Cards:
Three-Part Video Series

PART 2: Tom and Lauri use the cards to share how their parts are coping with the Covid 19 crisis.

PART 3: Tom and Lauri Holmes show how to deepen the connection to Self using images from the cards.

COVID-19 Video:

"Grandpa Tom" talks with his parts about the coronavirus situation using the characters from the movie "Inside Out." 


For both children (and adults).

Parts Work Meditations:

(In both video & MP3 format)

Greeting Parts Meditation: MP3

Parts Work Lectures:

Parts Works, Tom Holmes

Parts Works, Tom Holmes

Play Video

Parts Work Intro: In this 4 minute video, Tom introduces parts work, Internal Family Systems therapy and its integration with the Buddhist model of consciousness presented by Thich Nhat Hanh