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Integrating IFS & Spirituality 

Chelsea, Michigan

May 18, 2024

Parts Work: An Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life
The celebrated first book which has sold over 100,000 copies world wide,
and been translated into multiple languages.

Parts Work: A Path of the Heart

Praise by IFS founder, Richard Schwartz 

"In this new book, Tom pioneers once again by exploring the spiritual side of IFS.... The book is well-written and full of clear instructions and examples of how to help clients access this resource." 

Path of the Heart - Cover JPG_edited.jpg

The 2022 book describes the healing that can occur when IFS is integrated with the spiritual life of the person doing inner “Parts Work.” The transcripts of individual sessions illustrate this process and are accompanied by commentary about the process. Hear Tom talk about the book in the video below.

Cards for Parts Work


InnerActive Cards
by Sharon Eckstein

The original 2012 deck. Sharon Eckstein, the illustrator of our Parts Work book created an extremely useful deck of cards to be used with IFS or related therapy. Purchase the cards and learn more ways to use them:

NewBlack Experiences
by Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall

This 2023 deck was created by award-winning Black artist, Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall. He took feedback from Black therapists and therapy clients to create images that spoke to their personal and cultural experiences. This project was initiated by Tom Holmes and his Kalamazoo mentee, Karina Mirsky.


Black Experience Cards_edited.png

Dances of Universal Peace

Dances of Universal Peace new photo.png
dance for web 2.JPG
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